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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  October 20, 2018 10:00am-10:34am +03

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this squad who came to assassinate. and mr marotta had nineteen phone calls with saudi arabia during the during the couple of hours that he led to the new stumble and he left after leaving becomes late and the turkish sources told us that four of these phone calls were done to private secretary mohammad. so there is no doubt that these gentlemen have direct links with the mohammad if mohammed bin some on is not a voyeur of any of this incident or preplanned murder the wife come cimarron to which the ball is all the more times in just a couple of hours so these are the questions to be answered now many many questions still remains and costello thank you so much and ankara. and just a bit ago we heard from president donald trump pedicle hain joins me live from washington with more on that he said a lot of things that we had heard before but some new things as well so what. the
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president said. it was just a coincidence i think that the president was spending the day touring some of the u.s. weapons that are produced and really for him from the beginning of this it is been all about the weapons deals you talking about saudi arabia being a strong ally in that thinks that this investigation is a good first step that they're getting close to having a resolution that they need saudi arabia in the region but then he keeps coming back to the deals and i think it's important to point out he is extremely in the minority here if you look at the cable news channels if you look at twitter and all the politicians feeds pretty much every member of congress that is talking about this or saying this story is insane it doesn't make sense it doesn't seem to add up on its face that it just so happens that when he came in at the consulate fifteen saudi operatives flew it into private planes and they happen to be a forensic expert there who just happen to have
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a bone saw so really all across washington all across this country people are saying this doesn't make sense the one person who is not saying that is the president of the united states and again for him he says it all goes back to those arms deals and i think as you listen to him it's important to remember the numbers that the president is citing they are not based in fact if you ask the white house where is he coming up with this amount of money they simply don't have an answer but let's hear from the president. said he would be as good a great ally but what happened is an acceptable we are going to see they. get arrested just for the people at the table a large number of people having to do with the event that took place in turkey and a country that the. and. it's a big first step only a first step but it's a big first and. i do i do i mean it's again it's early we haven't traditionally view investigation but it's. i think it's
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a very important first step and it happened sooner than people thought it would happen and you know. oh. well i don't know that that was i don't know the signature of that was that's a theory that's being thrown out i'm going to bet he said that but. they're saying there was a fight but that's a theory that was put out but they're going to be giving us a full report but they have arrested a large number of people. who first and. even the police there like you were you know i don't think so at all because the day they were it out front would be in terms of you know what happens in a day this is really you just got this report from them and you got it will make a lot of other people. i think that. will be talking to them we'll see what happens we may have some question do we do have the goods and as i told you if you work you
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know this with congress. seem to be saying a couple of contradictory things there when asked if he thought it was credible what the saudis were saying he said yes but then he also said that's just a theory about it having been a fight that's not a theory that's actually exactly what the saudis are claiming happened was that there was a fight between jamal khashoggi and these other men that were in the room whatever the case there are a lot of people that don't find this credible even though the president does including some people in his own party at the house is going over what people in d.c. . well i want to point out what i thought we were going to play is not what we played out there but vast majority of the statement that he actually gave talked mostly about these defense deals that he keeps saying that saudi arabia has made with him he cites numbers from one hundred ten billion to four hundred fifty billion things ordered six hundred thousand jobs again there's no basis in fact there's no indication that that amount of money has been spent by saudi arabia when it comes
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to weapons deals but that is what the president is focusing on that is not what members of congress are focusing it's focusing on as you mentioned one in particular pretty powerful he has the ear of the president senator lindsey graham he came out pretty early on and said that this should result in basically regime change in saudi arabia said it was time for a new leader take time to get rid of mohamed bin psalm on he has basically tweeted out that this story is simply not credible and he sort of indicates the crown prince in that tweet he says first we're told that mr left the consulate and then there was a blanket denial that he saudi involvement now a fight breaks out and he's killed in the consulate with all without knowledge of the crown prince so lindsey graham is going to go in there we've seen other senators democrats republicans all of them through the spectrum of the powerful in washington d.c. say in this doesn't add up let's not forget jamal khashoggi was living in the united states he was a journalist for one of the most prominent papers in the united states he has
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a lot of allies here a lot of friends a lot of powerful people who knew or suspected him and they are vowing that this is not going to be let go of even if the president's made clear he'd really like for this to be resolved ok atika heinlein for us in washington patty thank you and we are continuing our special coverage of the death of saudi journalist jamal khashoggi saudi arabia has confirmed that he was killed inside the consulate in istanbul u.s. president donald trump says he thinks that saudi's announcement on the show is a good first step he says what happened was an. sceptical that he thinks the saudi version of events is credible so this is their version of events that a fight broke out between the show's people and the consulate and that he died during that fight has fired a top intelligence official also fired a royal court adviser and three others and they have arrested eighteen saudis turkish president raja typer to want in saudi king solomon discussed this case by
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phone and the sizing cooperation in this investigation much of syria's director at the gulf study center at harvard university joins us here in doha actually a question i want to put to you when you read the things that you wrote they were an incendiary they weren't overly offensive what was it about him that the kingdom so wrong john. was. very. close to the third mission that he was he was an. advisor to the sort of intelligence to the cafe some and also and later on he was on buses there in london and washington so he was he was actually willing to related to the starvation that he knows a lot of details he knows the functions he knows the stablish moment i think is a criticism to the stablish mentos the government was not actually criticising the
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mourner he was criticising the policies especially the policies of one of them is a month and that's the reason why he worked basically i think he was he was. ended as we as we as we saw tonight by the saudis he was it was sizing. policy in yemen he was a good sons of mormonism on policy too towards he was a. policy to human rights so basically all of these elements was the core of all it was a criticism to the so do you think that is the reason why. they were not capable to digest what he said one of the important issues. i think you're close with admission that he was part of the elite in washington he was willing to in washington in his sayings his statements his your presence is talks was back actually very influential and that's remember so these paid millions of dollars to change the view the image of him
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a decent man in the united states actually in one speech in one. article own two washington post he actually he was able to delete all of this and there is all of this so basically he was actually influential he has impact on changing what one hundred cement is doing and realize what he was trying to sell to the world so i think that's the reason. which which actually brought him to this end because that was his was very influential he was very clear the bill for from different was through in circles especially in washington and as i mentioned previously washington was the core form of washington was the main provider of support political support and the words and that's what he needed until he became became the king i think that is the reason i think where we don't where we have to look at the. he's not really a poor end of the regime he's not actually someone who want to see jim who want to
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disappear overnight actually he was a reformist if you want to call. war president said that he feels that this is an important first step and that. that anything happened shaking your head there i mean you know what's trump was saying is that in just one fact that the quarter the lead is still to the. he's actually saying that you know they said something that there was a fight this fight leads to the killing of which but there is no details about who's involved in this fight and what happened in the fight is is it because of heart attack or is it because someone hates him it's there are no details about names there's no details what is the but however the other narrative tells a lot of details there is there are names there are what happened exactly with
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details and the only remained the question is where is the body so there is too argument counter argument sort of counter military another two and i think now the so these they have the two should raise the ceiling very high and the so do they have to meet these kind of requirements they have to answer the questions or do the raise put them on the table they have to say who are the they have to say which kind of how you know how he was you know as you pass though is it is a heart attack is it someone had term there was you know is it someone. stabbed him or saying that there has to be more to else and that's the reason why i think the so these days they are just facing the worst what's coming after tonight ok ok much i'm sorry thank you very much let's bring our college russian into the conversation executive director director of the arab center of washington d.c. he was also
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a friend. joins us escape virginia i'm curious about what it is for you as somebody who knew jamal khashoggi to listen to the way president tunnel always brings it back down to money. frankly i i as an american and as a friend i find it somewhat obscene instead of the leader of the free world the president of the united states focusing on a crime scene us as this one committed against a resident of the united states a journalist someone who lived right here in washington d.c. the capital of the united states the focus ends up always drifting to our much money we are making out of this particularly the profanity of rendering it into jobs pertaining to arms sales i think the life of someone like them out special b.g.
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is much more important than the so-called hundred fourteen billion dollars that the president keeps bragging about securing from the from saudi arabia aside from the fact that it's a lie and there is no hundred forty billion and frankly only maybe fourteen billion at best have materialized but he keeps repeating it and. with all due respect to the office of the presidency i find the meaning to american values and i find it repulsive so what has to happen next to actually get to get more details to get the truth. i think first i would hope that the turkish government will look continue and the final phase if you will of their investigation they have done well in terms of finding a lot of facts about what happened but we still do not know all these facts and
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investigation is not finished until judgments body is found to and more importantly once that step is completed i think it's time for a an international timely independent and transparent investigation to take place by international i mean problem under the auspices of the united nations. u.s. participation is fine but we have to take this investigation into you know the final phase we need to discover. what the rationale for this operation was was it a set up. you know was it indeed a killing squad that was sent from the sally i mean you know we keep hearing these stories like today this guy comey explanation by the saudi government talking about a fistfight what prompted that fist fight who was involved in that fist fight why
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is why was your man attacked as he entered the consulate who are these people and a fistfight with people who just landed a few hours before from saudi arabia for what purpose why they were what they sent to have a fistfight with them so there are a lot of questions that need to be answered and i think a more serious comprehensive investigation is caught before house and other it's our analysts. cut a column out as a painting of people that are critical of saudi arabia house would they be feeling right now. people who are critical of saudi arabia you know i think should be more critical and after all this is an assault on freedom of the press they are together with show man if you will
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and they are the victims of this attack they are the target of such as or anything that's not just i'm sure i'm sure there is some fear but. you know again. i was unique i mean the reason he always felt that fear he always spoke about that fear but he was able to kind of overcome it. and talked about it as if it's something that is a normal part of his life. but i'm not sure that every necessarily journalist in the world fears that but definitely i mean journalism is a tough profession at this day and age and it's not just saudi arabia there are dangers and there are actually crimes like this committed in different places this one actually just caught the attention if you will of the world community more than . previous crimes committed against journalists and more than that all kinds of
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massacres that are committed every day against civilians so i hope for jamal sake and for his reputation this is fully investigated in order to prevent such crimes from taking place in the future. ok so do you think that we will actually get to the truth. i hope so i hope so i'm. not as optimistic maybe. some are but. i have been dealing with issues like this particularly in that part of the world for too long maybe. so i'm a bit careful about expressing any optimism i'm afraid that the scenario of all concerned governments including the united states and saudi arabia and turkey for that matter somehow try to put the lid.
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on this case and close the file prematurely for political reasons ok i can see that scenario i'm not and i hope it doesn't happen josh and thank you so much for your thoughts appreciate it thank you now he says his editor at the washington post says he was no one's enemy and that all he wanted to do was to spark an open debate about important issues here is what we know jamal walked into that consulate on october second and he didn't walk out. the saudis know what happened so the idea that we need days and days of investigation and forensic or can it's ridiculous just tell us what happened and in my opinion you know united states government that was committed to the values that we should be standing up for would be saying that . we wouldn't be sending people over to. smile next to the crown
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prince. we wouldn't. be raising ridiculous theories about roe operators we would be saying we need the facts we need them yesterday and then we can figure out what the right policy. so let's get a recap of what has been happening over the last few hours there has been a mission a confirmation from saudi arabia that the journalist. was killed inside their consulate in istanbul u.s. president donald trump has said that this announcement is a good first step he says that what happened is unacceptable and that the version of events that we know so far that we're hearing about so far from saudi arabia is credible but what they are saying is that there was a fight that broke out between people in the consulate and that he died during that fire let's remind you he's sixty one years old there are as many as fifteen other people in that room now as a result riyadh says that they have sacked
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a top intelligence official they had sacked a royal court advisor and also three others there have also been arrests that we know of at least eighteen saudis have been arrested the turkish president. and saudi king solomon discussed the case by phone they emphasize cooperation and shows he investigation so there is still the investigation that is happening in turkey and then now what we understand is happening in saudi arabia is that there is also an investigation and that muhammad bin solomon has actually been tasked with reorganizing the intelligence community which is basically being blamed for what happened to jamal khashoggi still so so many questions now that saudi arabia's turn this completely will continue to cover all of us here on al-jazeera to keep it here we're going to take a quick break for counting the cost and then much more here on al-jazeera.
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simple mistake. as a deep sea diver carries immense risk to the lives. willing to take the chance. for north korean and so much of the opportunity for a prosperous new life in the south with his family was an even beacon a risk to take. a witness documentary on. hello i'm sam is a band this is counting the cost on al-jazeera your weekly look at the world of business and economics this week investors publicly distanced themselves from saudi arabia after the disappearance of
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a journalist sparks an international outcry we examine what that means for the kingdom's economic ambitions. also this week the future of food the new technology of trying to shape agriculture. plus sunshine and sooks tunisia's tourism industry is back in business. the alleged killing of saudi journalist. the country's consulate in istanbul as shocked the world saudi arabia is under intense pressure to explain what happened the world's largest oil exporter could face international sanctions well the cost of insuring against saudi default has increased thirty two percent that means investors view the country as a much riskier bet now the government may now be forced to raise more debt at a higher cost it's already running a budget deficit the saudi government is trying to court investment for new cities
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and projects big names in business and finance ministers including u.s. treasury secretary steven the new can are boycotting a key investment events the conference is scheduled to run from october the twenty third to the twenty fifth right matheson reports. only last week christine lagarde the head of the international monetary fund said she was still going to saudi arabia even though she was horrified at the disappearance of jamal khashoggi now her office says her trip is being deferred jamie dimon the c.e.o. of j.p. morgan chase has also pulled out it's had eighty five years of business in saudi arabia and began by helping us oil firms start up there stephen schwartz one chief executive of blackstone isn't going either he said to have been one of the first western finance is to actively court crown prince mohammed bin salman bill ford of the ford motor company has pulled out two he's blaming
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a conflict ford was hoping to boost sales to saudi arabian women were allowed to drive. media companies including c n.b.c. financial times c.n.n. and the new york times have also withdrawn so have some banks including h.s.b.c. b.n.p. and so cities in iraq some countries have said they won't be sending trade delegations but it's important to remember this just because key individuals might not be going that doesn't guarantee their organizations or their countries won't be represented u.s. treasury secretary steven minocin and the multinational conglomerate softbank chose to wait before making a decision this conference was a chance for the saudis to resuscitate business confidence which has been slacking off in certain sectors for months some investors may now need a lot of persuading well joining me here in doha is not all long bear law is a senior policy analyst at the carter university's social and economic survey
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research institute good to have you with us so i guess the reason why the saudi economy's risk profile is rising is a kind of underlying fear is that it might be about to be hit by sanctions or some kind of punitive measures how likely is that scenario to you only time would tell if there are sanctions if there are sanctions that would be terrible for the plans of the young crown prince now whether sanctions are imposed or not in a sense has the damage already been done to investor confidence in saudi arabia to a great deal to a great deal because this is not just the first case of that can disrupt the confidence that investors had towards holy arabia in saudi arabia a year ago a number of prominent businessman in a row the saudi royal family members where arrested in a corruption crackdown the problem is that there was little transparency no real trials and at the end of the day people believe this was
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a form of extortion so how people could believe in. judicial system of saudi arabia that's also a concern for investors and then there were spats with germany at a low profile higher profile as pathways canada or the human rights and now there is just latest news which doesn't bode well for your investments how justified then are fears that the oil market might be dragged into this given what he's saying well you know the oil market is always a market which is very reactive to news for good or worse generally for worse there are speculators especially very active on the oil markets and generally when the bad news happen geopolitical news for instance it does affect negative lidiane market meaning the oil price increases this is something the trumpet ministration doesn't want to see coming they have been very adamant very very insistent
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insisting very strongly towards the saudis and other oil producers that they want to have more production to cool down the prices but the contrary might happen if sanctions where imports analysts have interpreted some of the saudi measures as an indication that they are willing to use the oil card should things get messy shall we say an economic ties or sanctions how realistic do you think that card could really be used by riyadh well we need to distinguish two things. the willingness to express to show we are strong to sure that we can retaliate if we are meaning the saudis are to receive sanctions so that they are very clear about that they want to show that they are not a small country that can be bullied but the same time they don't want to disrupt any global economy because it would backfire backfire on them to exactly they're completely depending for the oil exports which is their key source of. a lot of
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answers do you think there is a fair share of bluff but you. disses diplomacy so some of verses have already pulled out so what about the saudi investment conference the so-called davus of the desert to what extent is that being impacted by the fair well we have seen a number of people who had to calm who counseled in in a very in a series of people consoling their coming so this made the news and this is not good for business of course a descent time the conference has its own domestic and regional audience and so it was not completely depending on these essentially western invest horse but it's a setback for the saudi economy definitely when it translates into actual a drying up of deal making a slowing down of f.b.i. acceleration into saudi arabia or will business just go on as normal well but
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that's the problem business as normal is the problem to saudi crown prince wanted to show he could boost the saudi economy that it could go beyond oil real estate and big infrastructure construction that it could trigger invest or to kickstart a knowledge economy to kick start an industry of robots especially to build heats touristic c.t. but all that seems enjoy your party because these needs fresh capital not just recycling the oil rent but having investors from abroad from the west from china and japan coming this is less promising to also get what you're saying where does that leave vision twenty thirty then well might happen in twenty fifty. more seriously i think that. for now the momentum is not there and so they are very unlikely to have the kind of diversification the wait is now they are very unlikely to have the kind of diversification they aspire to where they have to raise more
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debt then to fund some of these twenty thirty projects that could be a solution where will that leave the deficit budget deficit well that's the main concern because especially this year they have a significant budget deficit already saw this would not be a good sign also for investors because that threatens the currency and sort. people for now don't know if the macro economic indicators of saudi arabia will stay stable enough so many investors are waiting and seeing and for now the diversification strategy is not on track. a lot of tech companies are funded by saudi money aren't they is that going to continue after this or the sudden money becomes something sort of suspect now well there are two things there is investments from technology company is into saudi arabia that's what is frozen but money coming from saudi arabia will always be well run like santa on the market yes
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saw on the early beats you know in eastern asia else or where there are some companies that are receiving a lot of investment this will keep on going but the concern again is there diversification is not happening and has the do you think pushed the aramco any aramco listing even further back into the horizon i don't think we can link the two things to saudi aramco i peel was already styled for a number of reasons some are technical some are more political or technical reasons well there is no transparency a studio oil reserves of saudi arabia there for long exaggerated how much oil there is in their reserves and now to disclose it to disclose the real reserves because for an i.p.o. you need transparency this is a main problem and on the political side making transparency giving more transparency on how the money from the oil is spent that's a major issue or a norm thanks so much for talking to us thank you sam. some of the stories on our
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radar this week china could be facing a debt iceberg that's according to s. and p. global the ratings agency is highlighting what it called titanic credit risks because of under reported local government debt meanwhile the world's number two economy reported its slowest quarterly growth rate since the global financial crisis bragg's it time out european union leaders have given themselves several more weeks to reach a break up deal with the u.k. talks this week failed to deliver a hoped for breakthrough plus better than expected earnings at netflix helped its shares higher this week the streaming video service added seven million new customers in the three months to september one hundred thirty seven million people globally now use netflix still to come on counting the cost on a high calendar becomes the world's largest legal marijuana marketplace.
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but first to near zero is enjoying a tourism revival the industry had gone into decline following a series of attacks by armed groups on visitors in two thousand and fifteen mohammad vile as the story. tunisia's tourism industry is taken off the sandy beaches of seuss' in the north east are again. a general manager of siebel who tell all four hundred eighty beds are fully booked even though the hot season has ended a little come to. twenty seventeen we started to feel like european tourists coming back and in twenty eighteen there was a remarkable increase in european tourism especially western european tourist traffic markets like belgium english luxembourg has and also french. scenes like these have not been seen since.


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